Katheryn Ann Ferguson | Trumann, AR

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While reviewing this case, Adam Shane Aviles Jr. has extensive drug crime activity to include meth and heroin. Different links related to his criminal history have been added to the links section.

Do we know what vehicle Adam drove back to Cody, WY? As part of finding out where Katie might be, it would be helpful to know what car they were in to see who might have seen the car.

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Adam Shane Aviles Jr’s 11/08/2023 arrest mugshot from Park County, Wyoming:


Full arrest details:

He was driving an early 2000’s Durango. He had it sitting outside of his Dads house for at least a week and then it disappeared. I had seen him come back to his dad’s place after the Durango was gone a few times. I know they found it ditched out in Oregon Basin. It has since been taken to the impound of the police department.

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Than you for sharing. Do we know what color the Durango is?

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It was purple. The last i saw, he was changing its oil in his dads front yard. The police had stopped by to question him as i was heading to work so really wasnt aware as to what was going on. The report on Cowboystatedaily.com stated that they were called in due to his drug usage and they wanted him out.

I just read that. Its matching up with the sources ive talked to with the PCSO. One of the deputies that works the jail said he was “very out of it” and “distant” during his processing. Him walking up with gasoline leads me to believe he was most likely going to torch the vehicle considering where Oregon Basin is. There isnt anything out there. Its just desert and a few oil pumps.

That certainly seems like a strong theory regarding his intentions with the gas and the car!

November 2, 2023 Cody Police Department Activity Report
File# 2311020039

Jr. is no longer in custody with the PCSO. I was told they were going to move him into federal custody. Wasnt told when though.

Thanks for the update. Where do the feds house inmates in Wyoming? Commonly, they contract with county jails.

It is still baffling me that no law enforcement agency has spoken publicly about being the lead agency to search for Katie. It seems like there had to have been some updates in the search this weekend and maybe some news is pending? Otherwise, someone would be speaking up about her being missing.

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The public offender search shows he’s been transferred to Big Horn County Jail

Big Horn County jail holds inmates for DCI, US Marshalls, and felons getting processed into the prison systems. I believe Cody PD and PCSO are playing their hand close to their chests because of the drug charges. Cody is a small town and they probably dont want to spook any other persons involved. FBI and ATF have been around and im sure they will release info once they get the lab info back for the blood samples.

I honestly think with how this is all playing out, this is going to snowball into a much bigger thing and sadly Katie was a victim in a huge screw up. Just a thought.

Also, was wondering if you caught wind on where in texas they captured the footage of jr?

Good questions. No idea of the location in Texas. It would be nice to put the timeline together with those locations.

I’ve been looking at a map and going through Little Rock, AR makes sense going from Alabama to Wyoming. Trumann, AR doesn’t make sense. That would be a diversion the wrong direction. The highway in Trumann goes to north Arkansas or Memphis. That was on 10/5 according to the affidavit and there was no bullet hole in the car.

On 10/9, there’s video in Texas with a bullet hole in the door. 10/11 is Colorado where they say she isn’t in the car. That direction makes sense at that point.

They could have driven from Newton, AL to Memphis, TN. Went the wrong direction to Trumann. Something went down there. He then back tracked the 48 miles to Memphis and then proceeded west to on I40 to Little Rock through OK and the Texas panhandle before swinging up to CO and into wyoming.

Looking at Trumann, there is Sunken Lands Wildlife Refuge right next to it. 30,000+ acres of flood land. That might be a possibility

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The family has posted their official fundraiser. Please consider supporting it. Of note, are the families report about mysterious 2nd and 3rd degree burns to the baby. In addition to the gunshot concerns, was fire a component with Katie?