April Holt | Antioch, Tennessee

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What manner of death is currently listed on her death certificate? I’d like to learn more about this case.

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It was listed as a suicide. I follow the mom on tik tok and she currently has a petition up for people to sign to get the ME to change it to homicide. They had already removed her organs to be donated before the autopsy so they were not able to examine those. Also the ME told the family she had blunt force trauma and bruises all over her body


Her mom is Jamie Dickerson and she is desperate for help. She just learned today they closed the case.

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Thank you for posting and sharing! If they have closed the case, then obtaining the whole case files should be something they release. I think it would be really important to have some further reviews of scene photos and circumstances to understand more about this case. Has an open records requests been done on this case?


This is a travesty. Her poor mom and son deserve way better than they’ve been given. Rest in heaven, beautiful angel.


Did they try to get fingerprints from the plastic bag?

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So the husband wasnt arrested for murder?
Th3 case was dismissed dec 2023 yes or no? If yes why? Whys he not being charged with murder

@user32 - No, the husband was not arrested and the case was indeed dismissed as a suicide for some reason however, the investigator from this case is reported to currently be under investigation internally for the handling of this case. Her mom is still currently under a gag order I believe - which I think is odd as well considering the case is closed.

Hopefully they will re-open the case and take a good look into the husband. Sending your 7 yr. old child to go find his deseased mom is cold. Does the husband have custody of the son?