The Truth About Jim

Max/HBO has a 4-part documentary about Jim Mordecai out of California and whether he could be the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker murderer. I don’t know if I could recommend the program if you haven’t seen it but the possibilities of him being the serial killer are worth exploring.

Was anyone else screaming “forensic genetic genealogy”? They didn’t need to spend time trying to get his DNA profile from personal items after his death, just have his daughter submit a DNA test kit to Gedmatch! I can’t recommend being a genetic witness enough!

Not only would it give Santa Rosa something to look for in their investigation, but you never know what other offenses it could connect on. Whether Jim Mordecai was a serial killer is unknown, but he was certainly a serial rapist and a terrible person.

Additionally, his son was recently charged for sexual offenses on young girls as well. Family DNAa could help find other victims.

I wish they talked about whether the family has submitted their DNA in the program or not. Has anyone heard?