Tarina Michelle White | Jackson County, FL

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Here are my idea on this case. I would also like to say that the court should rethink their appeal against another autopsy. And I’ll explain why.

Key Points of the Case:

  1. Initial Findings:
  • Location and Discovery: Bodies found in a submerged truck at Compass Lake.
  • Initial Autopsy: Ruled accidental drowning by the 14th Judicial Medical Examiner Office.
  • State of Bodies: Found in what was described as a “funeral pose,” which is highly unusual for accidental drownings.
  1. Re-examination Findings:
  • Second Autopsy: Conducted by Dr. Daniel L. Schultz, suggesting homicide due to mechanical asphyxiation.
  • Injuries: Deep hemorrhages in the neck, bruises, petechiae, and other signs indicating possible strangulation.
  1. Family’s Belief:
  • Suspicious Injuries: Family noted visible injuries including a bloody nose, swollen lips, bruises, and ligature marks that were inconsistent with accidental drowning.

Considerations for Further Investigation:

  1. Detailed Scene Analysis:
  • Reconstruct Events: Examine the exact circumstances and timeline leading up to the discovery of the bodies. Forensic reconstruction can help determine if the truck’s position and the bodies’ arrangement are consistent with accidental drowning.
  • Physical Evidence: Re-examine all physical evidence collected from the scene, including photographs, videos, and any forensic samples that may have been overlooked or misinterpreted.
  1. Witness Statements:
  • Last Seen: Re-interview anyone who saw Tarina and Billy in the 36 hours before their deaths, especially at the bar where they were last seen.
  • Community Insights: Gather information from the local community about any known disputes, threats, or suspicious activities around the time of their deaths.
  1. Forensic Re-evaluation:
  • Full Autopsy Reports: Compare the initial autopsy report with Dr. Schultz’s findings in detail. Focus on discrepancies, particularly regarding neck injuries and signs of struggle.
  • Independent Review: Consider a third independent forensic pathologist’s review of both autopsy reports and available physical evidence.
  1. Legal and Investigative Follow-Up:
  • Case Reopening: Based on the new evidence provided by Dr. Schultz, push for the official reopening of the case by the relevant judicial and law enforcement authorities.
  • Federal Involvement: Given the possible mishandling or oversight by local authorities, involving federal agencies like the FBI could ensure a more thorough and unbiased investigation.
  1. Pattern Analysis:
  • Similar Cases: Look for any similar cases in the region or involving individuals with similar profiles to identify potential patterns or links that might suggest a serial offender or a specific motive.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Conduct a behavioral analysis of the crime scene and circumstances to understand the possible motives and methods of the perpetrator(s).
    The new autopsy findings by Dr. Schultz indicating mechanical asphyxiation and the family’s consistent belief in foul play suggest that Tarina White and Billy Pullam were likely murdered, with their deaths staged to look like an accident. A thorough re-examination of all physical evidence, witness statements, and forensic reports is crucial. Pushing for the case to be officially reopened, possibly with federal oversight, could lead to new insights and, ultimately, justice for Tarina and Billy. Key Considerations:
  1. Unusual Death Scene:
  • “Funeral Pose”: The arrangement of the bodies in a “funeral pose” is highly unusual for accidental drowning. This suggests potential staging.
  • Injuries Inconsistent with Drowning: The injuries found on Tarina’s body, such as deep neck hemorrhages, petechiae, a bloody nose, and swollen lips, point towards strangulation rather than accidental drowning.
  1. Age and Relationship Dynamics:
  • Age Difference: With Tarina being 46 and Billy 60, there might have been differences in physical abilities or potential conflicts that could have played a role in their deaths.
  • Relationship Factors: If there were any known conflicts, financial issues, or third-party involvement, these could be significant factors.
  1. Statistics and Prior Cases:
  • Homicide Staging as Accidents: It’s not uncommon for homicides to be staged as accidents, especially in cases involving drowning. In such cases, the perpetrator often tries to disguise the true nature of the death to avoid detection.
  • Intimate Partner Violence: In cases involving couples found dead together, intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant factor. However, in the absence of direct evidence of IPV in this scenario, other motives or third-party involvement should be considered.
  • Rural Area Crime: Crimes in rural areas like Alford, FL, can sometimes involve local disputes, land issues, or personal conflicts. The secluded nature of such locations often aids in hiding crimes or staging scenes.

Likely Scenario Based on Statistics and Prior Cases:

  1. Third-Party Involvement:
  • Given the forensic evidence of mechanical asphyxiation and the staged nature of the scene, it is likely that a third party was involved. The most plausible scenario is that someone murdered Tarina and Billy and then staged the scene to look like an accidental drowning.
  1. Staging the Scene:
  • The “funeral pose” suggests a deliberate attempt to arrange the bodies in a specific manner, which is not typical of natural drowning accidents. This points towards the actions of someone trying to cover up the true cause of death.
  1. Possible Motives:
  • Personal Dispute: A personal dispute or vendetta could be a motive. This might involve a known associate or someone with a grudge against either Tarina or Billy.
  • Financial or Land Issues: In rural areas, disputes over land or finances can sometimes lead to violence.
  • Criminal Activity: Less likely, but still possible, is involvement in criminal activity where they might have been perceived as threats or liabilities.


Based on the statistical analysis of similar cases, the most likely scenario is that Tarina White and Billy Pullam were murdered by a third party who then staged the scene to look like an accident. The nature of the injuries, the unusual pose of the bodies, and the forensic evidence of mechanical asphyxiation support this hypothesis. The investigation should focus on identifying potential suspects with motives and opportunities to commit such a crime, re-examining all physical evidence, and conducting thorough interviews with people who knew the victims.
Another Idea of mine that I want to name as a unlikely possibility is Billy getting upset at Tarina and hitting and strangling her while driving, causing them to crash into the lake. Considering how hard it would be to stage a drowning inside of a car.