Tammy Lynn Leppert

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Of note is that the missing person report identifies Keith Roberts as saying he dropped Tammy off a couple blocks south of the Glass Bank. That would put her off of A1A between N 2nd St and N 3rd St. Most reports identify him dropping her off at the parking lot for the Glass Bank. I wonder if in follow-up investigation Roberts identified to police exactly where he dropped her off?

Can anyone find the address for Aunt Ginger Kolsch’s costume shop Balloonatics? It was believed to be in Cocoa Beach at the time and maybe only a few blocks from where Tammy was dropped off.

A sister of Tammy, named Suzanne, is running a Facebook group “My missing sister Tammy Leppert”. She states she was adopted at an early age and never knew her mom was Linda Davis until after her mom died or that she is a blood sister of Tammy.