Sandee Suzanne Hines | Mesa, AZ

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What do the case files indicate at this time in the investigation about Sandee’s disappearance and her involvement with fugitive Jason Hines?

  • She is likely a victim of Jason and experienced foul play
  • She is likely living on the run supporting Jason
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The timeline of Jason missing court, a new warrant for his arrest being issued, the garage sale, Sandee being seen by her daughter and the PT cruiser is unclear. Can someone help build out the timeline with specific dates?

We need to help Sandee’s family submit a family reference DNA sample. Can anyone help get us in contact?

Jason was seen with three dogs with him. He would shop at Petsmart for specific dog food for them:

  • Hoss, Jason’s small cattle dog
  • Shadow, Jason’s small cattle dog
  • Charlie, Sandee’s black shepherd mix