Patricia Ann Moore | Clifton, VA

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Can anyone help identify the exact location of where Patty’s remains were found? The records reference a lot of old roads that have since changed. I have the approximate location listed using Rippon Lodge as a reference point.

In further tragedy for the family, Patty’s biological father Albert Richardson Moffatt committed suicide on 08/17/1991.

Has there been any discussion on if DNA examinations would be possible for the clothes recovered with Patty?

It appears the suspect from the extortion scheme in 1970 died from cancer in 2005:

Is there a direct number I can contact you or an email address?

Hi there, I live less than a mile from this location, and would like to help. New here, let me know what you need

Hello, welcome to the forums! We have a detective listed in the case details but commonly detectives retire and case contacts aren’t updated. Could you inquire with your local agency and make sure we have the correct detective listed still? We also don’t know if we have the exact location of the recovery listed. Are there any local newspaper stories or confirmation your local agency can provide?

Since you are local, can you share her case page on social media with people who are from around the area? Also, please share the case page with your local agency if you reach out to them at all.