Natalee Holloway | Oranjestad, Aruba

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Big news with the “confession” from Joran van der Sloot. I think that would technically bring this case to the “Solved” status, but it sounds like Natalee is never going to be found.

I’d like to know more about how someone can wade into he waters of Aruba and “send a body out to sea”. That seems odd to me. Thoughts?

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I’ve seen some rumors/discussions online that he must’ve weighed her body down in some way. Some are speculating it has to do with the cinderblock he mentioned in his confession. Whatever the truth is, it seems like van der Sloot was unfortunately lucky with the water current that night. My heart goes out to Beth and Dave as they’re navigating this new chapter. :pray:


Welcome to the forums! It just has to be more than “I sent off to sea”. I bet in the near future some people will test this concept in the area where he is described to have killed her.

I personally and unofficially think he’s over simplifying what happened and shielding involvement of the other two friends.

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I was thinking he had to of done that also or something of the sort - but even so, we’ve seen other homicides that have done that and even those have eventually washed ashore. Main example being Laci Peterson’s body - granted it wasn’t all ‘in tact’ and it did take four months for it to eventually wash ashore. Aruba has shallow shorelines and a lot of seaweed also which the body would’ve gotten tangled up in before it “got out to sea” you would think. Only other option I can think of is if some sea creature got ahold of her remains.