Nadia Cole | Seattle, WA

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i cannot help but think why would someone like Nadia would just Disappear out of thin air??, my mind wandered to the endless possibilities like , maybe she was forced to leave, or maybe she was running from someone? But why would she run from someone when her family is with her?? and seeing this is “out of character” for Nadia, in the security camera footage the image shows Nadia in a moving position that looks possibly distressed or scared, there is not much information on the last known whereabouts of Nadia or her husband is and i have searched for any possible reports of crashed cars, abandoned cars, of this type but sadly nothing has appeared, on the contrary the information states that she left her belongings behind, i am going to assume the police officials have searched her belongings for anything suspicious or out of the usual, did she leave her cell phone behind?, did she leave any technology like an i pad or laptop behind?, could there be any possible DNA left inside the suitcase that isn’t hers?, has her family made any statements on her behaviour leading up to her going missing??, there is honestly many reasons why someone like Nadia would just leave everything and just disappear, i am currently trying to find answers to this peculiar case.

when i start to solve things like this i always start with questions, like why?, how?, where? and who, since there is minimal information its hard to gather findings, by starting with questions, wondering and deep thought it will get i, the writer to investigate, i will edit this when i gather upon more information

I think in cases like this one, it’s pretty straight forward…. “Love”. She’s recently engaged, she’s all in on the relationship and now he pulls a stunt like this with the mother of his child. Now the new girl is embarrassed. She just announced her engagement and now she has to stand by her man as he’s spiraling out of control. So, she’s coming from a place of perceived loyalty but that is VERY dangerous to her. As things have escalated and he’s now wanted, she now becomes expendable to him to go on the ru with his child that isn’t hers. He’s going to choose the child over her if he’s put in a corner. She needs out immediately!

i agree, from some more digging i found that he was supposed to do a custodial exchange with his ex partner for his daughter and never showed up, he also wrote a hand written note with details saying he was going on a fishing trip to Montana , the news and other sources ( like investigators) have said he has no intention to harm his daughter but some may say he was trying to keep her away from the mother, i have found Nadias social media accounts and the latest post was from 2023, but if you click the link to her “VSCO” account the latest post she made was of jan 2024 showing she was active between those exact times, showing how she just got up and left its most likely she met up with her Fiancé and his daughter and left the area, it is said they may be fleeing to Mexico because his family car was also spotted heading towards the border between Mexico and the US they don’t know if the spotting was real but they also aren’t sure they even made it to Montana… going back to her fleeing this was obviously planned, as a forensic expert said " the timing is just too perfect" she left her phone behind which means they must have. had a meeting point, this was obviously planned for a little bit of time showing how she just left her phone and walked off, like she could have another phone with her… and her family would probably know about this because when going through security you cant have cell phones in your pockets, so this for sure some sort of plan to probably run away together, as for now i am still to find more information on this.

Everyone has been found safe!