Marissa Carmichael | Greensboro, NC

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This is the shirt Marissa was wearing the night she went missing:

Surveillance video of Carmichael from the gas station where she called 911:

Listen to the 911 call Marisa Carmichael made from the Exxon gas station:

Of note is the purse on the counter. We confirmed with family that is Marissa’s and it has not been found at this point to the best of our knowledge.

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I understand you have questioned the person whom Marissa left the exxon station with. Did that person ever give the last location in which he seen Marissa? Did he say where they went and or what stops they made along the way? We know he did not take her home. Was any forensics ran on his car? Was luminol used? Any signs of a struggle? Do police even know these answers? Why is the last known person to see her alive considered a witness and not a suspect? If you knew your child got on the school bus and yet did not get off at the bus stop are you going to think of the driver as a simple witness?