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So here’s my theory, start from the beginning. Who last got a message from him? Who was the last person he messaged? When did he stop responding? When did his Facebook Deactivate? Because he probably isn’t at that mall if they haven’t found him there yet. Considering there’s a camera on every corner and street over their, along with thousands of witnesses, who seem to have seen nothing. So maybe he went somewhere else? Maybe he lost his phone and that’s where it was pinged last? You would think cameras would catch him driving there right? Amare Carter is a name coming up about who he may have been in contact with idk but maybe start with that person bc I promise you if it was in a populated area, he would have been found by now I’m sure.

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Also what time was he going there? Does he usually go by himself? Is this a regular meet up? Is there any other information we can get on this to help you more.

I know he was going to meet up with someone near the mall, but like why? Does this person that he was meeting up with could be involved in his disappearance?

Try and trace his steps, take the highway to Columbia and look at some dangerous spots on the drive to see if his vehicle was possibly involved in an accident.

Contact his closest friends and find out who he was meeting up with, they have to know something.

I don’t know this subject at all, he has mutual friends of people I’ve known years ago. And from the looks of it on Facebook he might have been hanging with the wrong people.

Amare Carter? Where is this being brought up at?

Amare Carter is the guy he almost made it too apparently and yes I agree the friends or someone has to know the name of the guy he was meeting because he wouldn’t just meet a random that nobody else knew.

Also he was using Google maps so I know he wouldn’t need that for the mall because he knows how to get there.

As ex military from a surrounding town this case has kept me up at night. I have a son and I’d crawl to the ends of the earth to find him if he went missing. That being said I have some comments / questions. Now these are based on hear say and speculation through coworkers, a close friend from Macon, and fb but clarification may help me or others be of assistance to find this young man and get him home safely. With my training and experience I know each hour that passes is critical.

  1. I’ve been told last known person to speak with him was his best friend. Is that right or do we know?
  2. I’ve also been told the friend nor his family know who he was going to meet up with? Is that also true? Or is that just not shared with the public due to possible retaliation?
  3. I was shown a screenshot of a conversation that was posted to fb between the best friend and another young man named “Trey Vaughn” where Trey stated that Malik was quote “in hell” and he was going to “piss on him” or something along those lines. Was this young man meeting up with him? If not, why would this conversation have been posted in such a critical time as this? Why did the best friend message him in the first place? Have these screenshots been shared with police?
  4. The screenshot post has since been deleted. Why? Was this also due to fear of retaliation?
  5. Upon further review myself, the man in those screenshots has had a record since 2014. He’s been charged consistently throughout the last 5 years with burglary, trespassing, unlawful use of a firearm and 5-6 counts of aggravated assault and harassment. There is a detailed document that was released by the Missouri state courts confirming in Oct of 2023 he chased 4 people into the woods outside of his apartment complex with a Glock 19 stating he was going to “kill them all.” This could be unrelated, but does this not raise a red flag in such a case as this?
  6. This man seems to be from Mexico, MO. Are search efforts being made for Malik or his vehicle in that region as well?
  7. I saw a comment that his phone was found in an intersection. Is that true? If so, where? Is there camera footage?
  8. Who is Amare Carter mentioned above? Has he been questioned?
  9. Have nearby bodies of water been checked for Malik’s vehicle? In Columbia or surrounding towns? Are there active drones covering these areas?
  10. Did his friends have any enemies or foes? Did they owe anyone money? Is it possible Malik was set up?

Can u email or send that screenshot to me pls I am close to the family and gf I think it may help

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Thanks for responding, User7. I don’t have the screenshots, unfortunately. But I do know they were uploaded to Facebook by Trenten Harris. You should be able to obtain them from him upon request.

So hi ex mili I found that guy Trey and his page and it seems he had wad amount of cash that night or after and seemed to have took a trip to St Louis but he is friends wit Malik and a few others that he knows. This could be a set up for the reasons of why he went up there and prob had a good amount of cash on him. Amare did turn himself in and got questioned and I think cleared. I’m looking more into to the Trey guy bc he seems to be the suspect but I need more info to pin him to it and have a good location on where Malik could be. So you said in previous document for Trey, he chased some people into the woods before. Is there a location on that by chance? Could b where he wanted to meet Malik or near the mall maybe. It is weird there’s no camera or video yet but maybe police have it for investigation reasons? But I don’t see a screenshot from trenten about that guy on his page so still wondering where you saw that

Oh wait i just reread what u said about the screenshots I understand now


  • Do you know how close of friends Malik and Trey were? Did they hang out regularly, or were they friends via business or exchange?
  • If Malik had a good amount of cash on him at the time of his disappearance, friends or not, things could have gone south.
  • Do we know why Amare was cleared? What did he turn himself in for? Often times when someone turns themselves in it can be a good indication that they know something serious happened. They do this to create diversion and remove themselves out of the picture when they may still be involved.
  • I found Trey’s records on Missouri Case Net under Trey Keith. It’s all public information, but the last known address was near Jubel Drive in Mexico, MO. However this was in October of 2023, and location of offense was at an apartment complex so my guess is he’s relocated since then.

I saw the same post from that Harris guy. It was posted and then deleted. It was a Snapchat conversation between him and Trey.

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I see on facebook that it was posted that he passed and was found in columbia. Macon sheriffs dept said it was a murder? Trey Vaughn is still a poss suspect?

Have you seen anything mentioning his vehicle whereabouts?

I haven’t, I’m assuming it was probably dumped somewhere either in body of water or parked in a road that the police don’t canvass as much. I havent seen anything mentioning his vehicle whereabouts