Lee county jane Doe | York Island, Lee County, Florida

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This is confusing. The FDLE Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse has this Jane Doe listed but they reference Lee County Sheriff Office in Virginia and provide the wrong phone number. Can anyone assist in reaching out to FDLE to get their website updated?


The TIMEX watch stopped at 12:50 on September 25, 1995. Some research should be done on that specific watch to learn more about what that could indicate. Was it a battery powered watch?


Thinking about the scar on her head, what medical conditions would result in the need for a left temporal craniotomy? Seizure or epilepsy issues?

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Scrub top theory: She was a prior nurse at that hospital and had old scrubs that would be used to get dirty in or do messy things. This is common for medical professionals to do with their old scrubs. It’s unusual, even in the 90s, to wear them casually outside of work.

Brain aneurysm or skull fracture. Can relieve brain swelling and pressure.

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A new artist rendering from clay was added to her NamUs profile on March 20, 2024:

I wonder if Cathy Hicks Parrott has been considered for the Lee County Jane Doe. I can’t log in to my NamUs right this moment, but it looks like as of a few years ago, she had not yet been excluded. She is the right age, from the right general area in SC and time period, and wore a Timex watch.

I wonder if the hospital could have provided old scrubs (after the rename) to patients who did not have clothes to wear upon discharge. Finding out if the craniotomy or ankle injury had been recent could offer a clue?

I love to hear possible names! I did take a peak and the bands for the Timex matches were different. There is also no mention on the brain surgery scars that LCJD (Lee County Jane Doe) had. It just seems like that would be a major identifier. Without it quickly matching, it makes me think LCJD family hasn’t reported her missing and they think she just ran off and didn’t want contact.

Similar watches online are listed as manual winding, not battery operated. I believe a detective in the podcast episode associated with her case referred to it as self winding

Good catch @Turtlebutt. I didn’t hear that in the podcast. Can you share some links to which Timex you think is her model? The picture should be detailed enough to get a match.

If it is a manually winding watch, how long are we expecting a watch to last unattended? (I’ve never owned a manually winding watch :slight_smile: )

Timex usually averages about 35 hours before needing to be rewound.
However when I had mine it often went dead because I would often forget.

A craniotomy may be done for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, the following: Diagnosing, removing, or treating brain tumors . Clipping or repairing of an aneurysm. Removing blood or blood clots from a leaking blood vessel.

Theory ~ Doctors who worked there also had access, they would also have the ability to throw out files if say a surgery went wrong. This type of surgery heals within 3 months suggesting that she could have been killed while having the surgery potentially. The doctor that ran away with the nurse…could that have been his alibi? A doctor could have made all the files of a patient who passed away under their care easily disappear right?

This watch says its an “Indiglo” watch. I believe they were named this because they lit up so it did very likely have a battery in it. The piece on the side may be to adjust the time only for dayilight savings etc. I can’t see the model (which is on the back) but Timex stopped making wind up watches as of 1982. Hope this helps!