Juan Leon Laureles | Brownswood, Texas

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Happy to see Leon’s case here. I know Arlene is a strong advocate for his case to get the attention it deserves from law enforcement. He is very much loved and missed by his family and friends. Jolynn


Hello everyone, there is a new petition for Leon that I worked on with his Niece, Arlene. Please consider signing and sharing this on your social media or via email. https://chng.it/tsjgCr4zfz


My heart goes out to Leon’s family and his niece Arlene who is a strong advocate for Justice on behalf of her uncle Leon. Arlene you not giving up on your fight for Justice on behalf of your uncle Leon speaks volumes to the strength that you possess as a woman and strong advocate. You not accepting “No” for answer puts law enforcement on notice that your uncle Leon’s life matters and his niece Arlene is here demanding Justice for her uncle Leon. Arlene you are inspiring other victims families to keep fighting and never give up on Justice no matter what! From one fighting advocate for Justice to another “never give up” despite the hurdles and obstacles that often times get in the way! I have FAITH that Justice will prevail.

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