Car accidents, Missing Persons and Hide-and-Die Syndrome

Missing persons after car accidents are a common headline and I think there is a lot to learn as a community about what is going on and how it can help us search for those missing.


Common Patterns

A consistent theme of possible head trauma, shedding of clothes and moving locations seems to occur with these cases.

Medical Discussions

With effects similar to hypothermia without the cold, it makes me wonder if some of the Hide-and-Die or burrowing responses seen in hypothermia cases could be seen in these missing persons from accidents.

An apparent self-protective behavior in the final stages of hypothermia, during which the afflicted enters a small enclosed space.

If so, this should be incorporated in our search responses. I would love to hear from the medical or scientific community on this topic more. Has research already been conducted?

What can we do?

What other missing persons cases are out there where a vehicle accident has occurred and the person could not be found?

Are you familiar with any cases where people have been involved in an accident, shed clothes, went missing and then were later found? I’d like to learn more about how much distance they cover.