Justin Cartez McCreary | Mobile, Alabama

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While the high rate of speed of the vehicle, the lack of a seatbelt by the driver and the circumstances of the subject’s relationships could lead to something suspicious going on inside the car, is it murder? This might be better suited for a “Suspicious Death” case type.

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What do you think is the most important evidence in this case that suggests a murder occurred?

Here are some of my thoughts after reviewing the posted case:

  • The female passenger putting on her seatbelt during the crash and while going over the bridge is suspicious. The vehicle going at a high rate of speed would not be consistent with being able to perform that task.

  • “There was no record of her injuries” - The Fox10 news story was done outside the hospital where the female was being treated for her injuries. It seems like there’s record of her injuries.

  • Vehicle Fire - The train conductor reported seeing the vehicle on fire prior to being struck by the train. That would be consistent with a ~40ft fall from the roadway.

  • “Injuries not consistent with a car crash” - According to the police report, McCreary was ejected from the vehicle while not wearing a seatbelt when it went over the side of the bridge. His injuries were from impacting a tree outside of the car. That would explain why he wouldn’t have “car crash” injuries.

The fraud committed by your private 3rd party medical examiner is tragic. I’m so sorry that happened to you!


I am Justin McCreary’s sister, my mom would like to speak to you & show you much more evidence that foul play was involved. She needs your help to solve this case.

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Feel free to email us at info@solvethecase.org

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Cybersleuths in or near Mobile, Alabama: Justin McCreary’s case has some loose ends we need help on. Can you help find recommendations for a licensed investigator in the area?