Fasika Kinfe Tadele | St Louis Missouri

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Where did the information about the original missing person report come from? If it was with a law enforcement agency beside the Missouri Highway Patrol, it seems like piecing that information together could be really productive.

Has anyone obtained copies of the accident report? I saw that KAKE showed part of it when they aired their news story. On it, it shows the GPS coordinates of the accident. I added it to the points of interest on the case map.

One thing I’ve seen online is comments about the gas station being far from the tow yard and that being “suspicious”. The gas station is actually 1.2 miles from the accident site and is the closest station. It seems logical when you look at the map.

I added a task for obtaining the accident report with a link to the MHP open records request page if anyone is able to assist and request it.

I’ve read some concerns about flyers being put at the gas station by a “suspicious male” and it seemed like someone was doing it before Fariska was reported missing.

I don’t believe that to be the case. The flyer in question is pictured below and it is from a missing person Facebook group in Missouri that was posted in August 2022, several months after he went missing. It seems to be consistent with services the Missing and Endangered NW Missouri and Surrounding Areas provide in the area with flyers.